Why SEO? Local Search Engine Optimization (Local SEO), is the art of making your site more relevant than your competitors. It has replaced the Yellow Book marketing we all used to embrace. Just as Google does, we evaluate your website from end to end and address, correct and amplify the elements we know Google uses to determine your sites relevance in direct comparison to you competition. The concept here is to make sure your site is deemed more relevant by Google than your competitor’s site. To accomplish this objective, our deliverables that are listed below actually make your site become more relevant month after month until you surpass your competitors. We make your site become truly a more relevant site to both Google and prospects looking for your offering. Our Local SEO Success Formula:
  • More marketing deliverables = more exposure.
  • More exposure = site traffic.
  • More site traffic = sales success.
  • Sales Success = increased revenue and your SUCCESS.
  Local SEO
Price Per Month $800
Minimum Contract Period 6 Months
Number of Keywords 20
Local SEO
Description Creation and Optimization
Submitting to the local listings of the top players (Google, Yahoo, MSN & AOL) 20
Addition of Pictures, Video and Coupons
Local Business Listings 20
Submitting to Online Yellow Pages & Local Directories 15
Placing Geo Tag format in the Meta Tags
Research & On Page Optimization
Keyword research & analysis
Identifying most suited keywords 20
Google Analytics Account Setup & Analysis
Pre SEO Website Analysis
Page title optimization
Meta Tags Optimization
Optimization of robots.txt, info.txt, urlist.txt & sitemap.xml
Check Keyword Density & Prominence
Anchor Text Optimization
Webmaster Setup(Google/Bing)
Removing URL Canonicalization
Alt Tag Optimization
Custom 404 Error Page Setup
SEO Off Page Submissions
Press Release Submissions 3
Article Submissions 3
Blog Submissions 6
Social Bookmark Submissions 25
Classified Submissions 10