Why SMO? Social Media Optimization (SMO), is all about social media networks and keeping your audience engaged in your business promotional activities. It encourages open communication, expands your presence by creating interactive relationships directly with your prospects and customers. Social media is a platform that allows anyone to see your business recommended by others while doing their due diligence on your company and its offering. This type of third party recommendation creates a sense of trust, credibility, and assurance in the mind of the viewer at the critical due diligence time– whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+, blogs or forums. Our SMO deliverables listed below are designed to provide you a presence if do not have one or to provide the activity that is required to provide the viewer the confidence your social media is meant to deliver.
  • SMO strengthens your brand and boost its visibility
    • Easily accessible, Promotes Peer to peer approach
  • SMO creates long lasting relationship & builds credibility
    • Transparent & Viral communication, word of mouth impressions, great reputation (trust & reliability)
Price Per Month $442 $742 $1192
Minimum Contract Period 3 Months 3 Months 3 Months
Basic Set-up
Facebook Fan Page & Twitter Account Creation
Content for Info & Bio (About Us)
Create & Publish interesting posts / tweets
Photo & Video Upload
Facebook Cover Image
Backlinks to your website for products / services, offers
Google Plus Brand/Business Page Creation
Adding People to Google Plus Circles
Integration of Google +1 Button
Profile Content Writing
Gathering Followers/Fans
Posting Content on Facebook 16 28 40
Posting Content on Twitter 16 28 40
Posting Content Google Plus 16 28 40
Custom Twitter Background
Replying / ReTweeting (Networking)
Facebook Question Application
Twitter & Facebook Fan Page Management
Facebook Welcome Page
Community Building
Discussions, Questions, Polls
Manage Twitter Followers
Integrate Facebook Applications
Run Contests
Google Plus Brand Page
Create Brand Page
Update 'About Us' section
Post Updates on Brand Page
Integration of +1 button on website
Add backlinks to social accounts & website
Monitor & Respond to user comments
Monitor & Interact
Monitor social mentions
Respond to fans / followers
Like / Comment on related pages
ReTweet relevant tweets
Custom profile picture